Privacy policy


Catherine Jasat Personal Trainer understands that the information you trust is with is important to you and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.


This policy explains how, when and why we collect your personal information during the course of providing services to you and how we keep it secure



  • We only collect personal information about you where it is completely necessary or you have consented. We ensure that we only collect the information we need.
  • We will not send you marketing material.
  • We will not sell your information to third parties.
  • We will protect your personal information with an appropriate combination of technical and organisational measures in line with 2018 GDPR Regulations.
  • You have rights to be aware of the information we hold.
  • We only retain your data for as long as necessary.
  • If you have a complaint please contact us.


  1. What information do we collect about you?
    We need information such as your name, address, contact telephone number and any medical conditions.
  2. Why we use the information about you
    This information is only used to contact you or your doctor if there is a problem. This information helps me to provide a safe coaching service. All clients are requested to complete and sign my Informed consent form.
  3. Marketing
    I do not use your information to send marketing or promotional material to you but I may use photographs of training sessions in marketing materials and our website. You have the right to request I do not use photographs of you.
  4. Information Security
    We work hard to keep your data safe. We use an appropriate combination of technical and organisational measures to ensure, as far as reasonably possible, the confidentiality and integrity of your information at all times. If you have a security related concern please contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this website.
  5. Access to your information and correction
    You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you. We will provide you with this information within one month of or receiving your request and confirming your identity.
  6. Retaining your data
    The information we collect about you is subject to various regulatory and legislative requirements. We will endeavour not to keep your personal information for longer than we have to in order to provide our service to you.
  7. Complaints
    We work hard to ensure your personal information is treated safely and securely. However, if you have a complaint write to us using the contact details at bottom of this email.
  8. Changes to our privacy policy
    We review our Privacy Policy regularly and will place any updates on our website and in relevant communications.
  9. How to contact us
    Please write to: Catherine Jasat Personal Trainer, 41 Ryeworth Rd Charlton Kings Cheltenham GL52 6LG